Memorial Grove of the Great War

Memorial Grove of the Great War

From "Just west of Williams Hall is a grove of 33 oak trees overlooking Michigan Avenue .... A brass plaque explains that this grove of trees is a memorial to the 33 students and graduates of the college who gave their lives in World War I. Back then our school was still the Michigan Agricultural College (M.A.C.) and contained few of the buildings that now dominate our campus. "The college community decided a memorial grove overlooking the Red Cedar River and Michigan Avenue would be a fitting way to pay respect for their fallen brothers. The planning for the memorial was headed by the Forestry Department, led by faculty chair Professor Alfred K. Chittenden (for whom Chittenden Hall is named). An oak tree would be planted for each of the soldiers, and a large fieldstone would bear a plaque listing the soldiers' names." The grove was rededicated in May 2024. (Photos courtesy of Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency)

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Date of Installation:

May 1, 1919

Organization Responsible for Installation:

Students and alumni of Michigan Agricultural College (today Michigan State University)

Memorial War Era(s):



Overlooking the Red Cedar River and Michigan Avenue, East Lansing, Mich.

Photo Gallery:

Memorial Grove of the Great War


Published on May 30, 2024