Ted Burrous

My dad was a true Legion member - he had just gotten his 50-year membership award in March of this year, and was a loyal member of the 40&8 as well. Dad was also a hunter education instructor since 1986, teaching nearly 4,100 students how to respect and use firearms properly, not only for recreation but to defend our freedoms if need be. Dad truly believed that no matter what "support our country." Although not always supportive of some of our country's leaders, there was never a question about his loyalty. Ted passed away May 20, 2013.

"Ted," as he was known to most, served through all the offices of Victor Candlin Post 18 as well as all the offices of District 4 in Colorado, and was a major contributor to 40&8 Vouiture 1278 and the nurse-training programs.

He will be missed for his "let's get it done" attitude and then just getting it done.