Claire F. Milliren

Our dad was a bombardier in the Army Air Corps during World War II. We never really heard much about his service until his later years, when he began to talk more about it. Of course, we became more inquisitive as we got older and wanted to know. Our dad flew 30 missions over Germany and kept a diary (which I have now) about his entire training and all his missions. We always think how awesome his stories are, and where and how he met his wonderful wife from Pueblo, Colo., who went on to have 10 children, five boys and five girls. My dad was from Arkansaw, Wis., near Durand, and came from a family of eight children. Unfortunately, our dad died a year ago last April (Mom in 2001), but lived to see his 90th birthday in January 2011, which we all got together to celebrate. Little did we know that we would all be getting together again three months later to celebrate his life on his way to see his loving wife and the Lord. We are all so very proud of our mom and dad and their loving support through our growing-up years and even after into adulthood. They were both there for each and every one of us through our trials and tribulations. My most memorable time and picture in life was during my return-home community celebration in April 2004 after a 14-month tour to Iraq. My dad wore his World War II uniform,(which still fit him quite nicely), my desert camo uniform and my number 2 son in his National Guard camo uniform. Dad was able to go on one of the Honor Flights to visit the World War II Memorial two years before his death, and said that was one of the most memoriable events of his life and satisfied his lack of a welcome-home ceremony when he came home from his service to his country in 1946.