How much is a copy of The American Legion Magazine?

Free, for members of The American Legion. A yearly subscription is one of the included benefits of Legion membership. Nonmembers may subscribe to the magazine for $15 per year domestically, and $21 for those living overseas. Individual copies are $3.50 – the $2.50 price listed on each month’s cover, plus postage.

The postage charge comes in because The American Legion Magazine is not sold on newsstands or in bookstores – said copies would have to come from the Legion. A price on the cover is mandated by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, which the magazine is a member of. Visit to subscribe or learn more. All readers are encouraged to share the magazine and its articles with others.

When The American Legion Weekly debuted on July 4, 1919, the cover price was 5 cents per copy, or $2 for a year’s subscription. When it first became The American Legion Monthly in July 1926, the price was 25 cents per copy.