What Missouri post’s name actually stems from before World War I?

Pony Express Post 359 in St. Joseph, Mo.

According to the post’s page on the The American Legion's Centennial Celebration web page, "the Pony Express used Saint Joseph, Missouri, as the eastern terminus for its route. During its period of operation from April 1860 to October 1861, it provided a vital communications link to California and the west coast of the United States during the beginning of the American Civil War that helped keep California in the Union."

The post was chartered on Jan. 16, 1946. In 2010, it participated in marking the 150th anniversary of the Pony Express. In their own words, "American Legion Pony Express Post 359 is named in honor of the courageous riders of the Pony Express who were willing to ‘risk death daily’ in order to fulfill their mission."

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