What was Florida Post 14's contribution to a specialty licensed children's hospital in the state?

According to the St. Petersburg post’s Centennial Celebration page: “In 1926, American Legion Post 14 established a crippled children's hospital at 2350 Lakeview (22nd) Avenue South. The two-story structure on 3.5 acres was the the forerunner of today's All Children's Hospital, which is now located at 801 Sixth Street South. The effort was the first to rehabilitate Florida's crippled children and opened in 1927. The original building had been a private residence, then a prohibition-era night spot called the "Green Cabin" (which was said to be owned by Johnny Torrio, a top henchman of gangster Al Capone), and then a citrus packing plant. When the hospital opened, it had beds for 15 children. It expanded in 1936 and again in 1950, and in 1967 it moved to its present location with a new name, All Children's Hospital. Post 14 has a seat on the board of directors for perpetuity.”

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