How has Post 1363 in New York been helping its community in emergency situations for 66 years?

Sylvan Liebla Post 1363 in Town of Highland, N.Y., was formed in 1946. By 1948, the fledgling post was looking around to see how it could serve its community. The only nearby ambulance service was run by an undertaker, and it was decided to form a volunteer corps to enhance locals’ access to care. The post bought a used 1936 Packard ambulance as a starter vehicle; members’ war training provided the initial expertise.

Today, the American Legion Ambulance Service has around 25 members in its corps; membership in the Legion is no longer required. Equipment consists of two ambulances and a first responder car. In 2013, the post corps answered 182 calls and put more than $56,000 into upkeep and operation.