How did Post 95 in Ohio help its town recover from the worst day in its history?

According to the Xenia post's page on the Centennial Celebration website: "In April 1974, Xenia sustained a category F5 tornado which destroyed half the town. Although the new post home on Home Avenue was for the most part complete, but had not been released to Post 95 yet, the decision was made to use the building as a homeless shelter for the citizens of Xenia. The post was active during this period, taking in clothes and food for the homeless citizens of Xenia and whatever was needed from the Legion to help Xenia recover from this diaster."

Construction on the new home for Foody-Cornwell Post 95 had started in 1972. The property was sold in 2003, and in 2011 Post 95 began sharing a building with the local VFW post.