NALPA Facebook page: Help us get to 1,000 likes

The changes underway for the National American Legion Press Association (NALPA) also include the social media landscape. For example, the NALPA Facebook page recently zoomed past 500 likes. I would like to see the page get 1,000 likes before national convention. To visit – and like – the page, just type in National American Legion Press Association into your Facebook search.


The surge in audience is directly related to the frequency of posting items. That’s a lesson that communicators at all levels of the organization can benefit from. If you are responsible for your group’s Facebook page, you will see an uptick in likes, shares and other engagement when you post on a regular basis.


Hopefully, members who engage themselves in the public relations efforts in their posts, units, squadrons and Riders chapters are already a part of their respective department’s American Legion Press Association. I am a member of over 20 American Legion Family Facebook sites and we should all be cross-referencing each other to promote our great family.


I share many posts from the national organizations and would like to see the wonderful contributions and events that you are doing in your communities. Share links about post activities from newspapers. Take pictures at your events and post them. Remember to like and tag other organizations – they can help promote your page, too.