How to use your NALPA press card

The California American Legion Press Association (CALPA) press card saw the light of day when it gravitated from the dark recesses of a members wallet to an all-new custom lanyard. These stylish and bright red, white and blue lanyards with a hard plastic case were designed to highlight our status as a CALPA representative whenever and wherever the occasion might arise.

The key is to wear your press card as a representative of The American Legion at organizational events, as well as at public events. It takes the place of your pocket name plate as it displays your name, organizational affiliation and home state.

For example, I had the opportunity to interview country music star Trace Adkins about his support for military personnel for a story published in The California Legionnaire. When I contacted the PR office at the venue he was to perform at and presented my request for an interview with Adkins, I had to submit an email about my request. In that email I shared about CALPA and The American Legion, among other things. And when I had the opportunity to interview Adkins, I wore my Legion cap and CALPA press card.

You have a great opportunity through your NALPA membership to represent The American Legion – not only in your local community but through your own post, district and beyond. And any time you can help the Legion obtain greater visibility, it’s an opportunity to promote the organization.