NALPA leadership is comprised of an annually-elected president, four area vice presidents, four area executive members, an appointed chaplain, sergeant-at-arms, and a judge advocate. An executive director is appointed by the executive committee for a three-year term. The executive board consists of these and past presidents and an American Legion member of public relations & communications.  Other offices are appointed as necessary.

National American Legion Press Association
3 Morton Street
Norwood, NY

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Michael Hjelmstad

Executive Director

Stephen Shuga

Vice Presidents

Area 1
Robert G. Stronach

Area 2
Jane McKnight

Area 3
Vickie L. Cyboron

Area 4
Michael J. Patty


Area 1
Kevin Harrington

Area 2
Edward Lewis

Area 3
Kenneth R. Pierce

Area 4
Tony DuMosch


Dolly Zitur
(218) 829-1233

Kenneth George


Maudi L. Price
(703) 751-0234

Joseph Porempski
(716) 674-0465

Judge Advocate
Charles G. Mills
(516) 759-4300


Council to President

Parvin R. Gibbs
(270) 825-0098

James T. Higuera
(626) 852-0780

John E. Thompson
(402) 464-6338

David F. Wallace

Patrick R. Rourk
(315) 262-5631



Web Master NALPA website
Kevin Harrington

Editor: LinkedIn NALPA
David F. Wallace

Past President

2017-2018 MI
Mark Sutton

2016-2017 VA
David F. Wallace

2015-2016 NY
Priscilla R. Imburgia

2014-2015 KY
Michael W. Moses, Sr.
(502) 693-7696

2013-2014 NY
Patrick R. Rourk

2012-2013 NE
John E. Thompson

2011-2012 VA
Brett Reistad

2010-2011 NY
Carl L. Griffith

2009-2010 CA
James J. Leyser

2008-2009 MN
Dolly M. Zitur

2007-2008 GA
Martha L. Conway

2006-2007 NY
Charles G. Mills

2005-2006 CA
James T. Higuera

2004-2005 MN
Al Zdon

2003-2004 VA
Robert W. Smith

2002-2003 NY
Michael P. Duggan

2000-2001 IA
Robert W. Berridge

1999-2000 VA
Brendan J. Whelan

1997-98  NY
Robert Fountain

1996-1997 SD
C. Darrel Haskell

1995-1996 KY
Parvin R. Gibbs

1989-90  NY
Kenneth Knapp

1986-1987 NY
Robert L. Morrill

1984-1985 NE
Robert B. Craig

1977-78  NY
Ralph DeGilio

1973-74  NY
Samuel Picker

1969-70  NY
Charles Congdon

1963-64  NY
Dr. Justin Carey

1958-59  NY
Francis Judkins

1954-55  NY
Frank Giamba

1951-52  NY
Nathaniel Scheider

1946-47  NY
Maurice Rosenwalk