NALPA leadership is comprised of an annually elected president, an appointed executive director, an executive board consisting of all past presidents, four area vice presidents, one American Legion communications member, all elective officers, and four elected area executive members.  Other offices are chaplain, sergeant-at-arms, a judge advocate and other officers appointed as necessary.



David F. Wallace

Patrick R. Rourk
Executive Director

AL Public Relations

Debra Murrell

Vice Presidents

Area 1
 Kevin Harrington

Area 2
 Jane McKnight

Area 3
Mark Sutton 

Area 4
 Michael Hjelmstad


Area 1
 Robert Stronach

Area 2
James Chaney

Area 3
 Diana Sirovina

Area 4
 Connie Jo Popham


Judge Advocate
Charles G. Mills

Dolly Zitur

Maudi L. Price

Joseph Porempski

Roger S. Dong

Council to President
Parvin R. Gibbs

Council to President
John E. Thompson

Council to President
James T. Higuera

Council to President 
Brett Reistad 

Web Master 
Mike W. Moses