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NALPA Newsletter Editor

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Why Have a Newsletter?

Posts with newsletters have a more active membership that is greater in numbers. When people get post information in their hands, they know what is going on and can share it with potential members, as well as take action to make a difference for veterans and their families.   Post newsletters also assist older veterans who can not get out much. This might be the only communication they have with their post. They, like everyone else, deserve to be informed about what is going on.  Items of interest to the veteran that occur in their cities, towns and villages can be included in post newsletters. 

NALPA provides its members with a quarterly newsletter at no additional cost. This newsletter provides a forum for the NALPA membership to gain and share information to enhance their local publications. Contributions to this publication come from various sources, such as the National Commander, National Public Relations Director, Past National Commanders, NALPA Officers, NALPA Members, and other interested individuals wanting to spread the works of the American Legion.  You can receive the newsletter in digital format by emailing your request to