'Stealth Jihad' available online

An article from the April issue of The American Legion Magazine proven extremely buzzworthy is now available to be shared in multiple formats with anyone in, or outside of, the Legion family.

"Stealth Jihad," by Frank J. Gaffney Jr. (p. 46), discusses the concept of "Shariah," an overarching and very strict version of Islam that demands its adherents do everything within their power - be it through violence, such as terrorist bombings, or especially through softer means, such as changing laws and culture - to bring about a global Islamic state, all governed by Shariah law.

Many people have contacted The American Legion since the April issue came out, wanting to know how they can pass on the article on this important topic. This can be done in several ways. The article is online here.  From there, readers can print out the article, or e-mail it to one or a dozen others, at no cost.

Extra copies of the April issue are $2.50 each. Contact magazine@legion.org for more details on this and how to arrange for a re-printing in another publication. There is also no cost to photocopy the article from the magazine. Any of these steps can also be taken for any other piece found in The American Legion Magazine.