Holocaust Days of Remembrance begin Sunday

Each year, Holocaust victims are honored during the Days of Remembrance, a week-long memorial that is mandated by Congress. This year's observance begins Sunday on the Jewish faith's Holocaust Remembrance Day - Yom HaShoah - and ends next Sunday at the week's close.

The theme for this year's Days of Remembrance, which comes 65 years after the end of World War II, is "Stories of Freedom: What You do Matters." The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is asking communities around the country to pay tribute to veterans who helped defeat the Nazis and liberate Holocaust survivors from their suffering.

During the week, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki asks that all citizens reflect on and learn from the stories of Holocaust survivors and the troops who freed them.

"Even the brutality of war did not prepare our soldiers for the depths of human evil and depravity they encountered as they liberated the Nazi concentration camps," Shinseki said in a statement. "Their stories of bearing witness to the Holocaust remind us that individuals do make a difference. Remembrance not only obligates us to memorialize those lost to the Holocaust, but also brings home to each of us how quickly evil can spread when good men and women simply do nothing."

For more information, visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum's Web site.