Become a Legion Facebook fan

An effort to increase the number of fans of the Legion's Facebook site has resulted in more than 2,300 people signing on as fans in less than two days. But we're not finished.

Since November, the number of fans on the Legion's official Facebook page, The American Legion Online Update, has seen steady growth, topping more than 6,500 members this week. Launched in June 2008, the page showed modest growth until the launch of the new American Legion Web site Nov. 8. In the past two days alone, the amount of fans has grown from just over 6,500 to more than 8,800.

While we're happy with the growth, we're not satisfied. The Legion has a goal of hitting 10,000 fans before the national convention in August. On the current pace, that goal could be surpassed within the next week. So why not set a goal of 20,000 by the national convention? With your help, we can do it.

The American Legion Online Update is a great source of information, providing direct links to the biggest stories on the Legion's Web site and the Burn Pit blog site, as well as to news stories from all over the Internet that are of interest to Legion family members. And it's also a great place to interact with your fellow Legionnaires; on two separate days in March, there were 178 and 139 comments, respectively, posted by fans to the page.To become a fan, simply click here and then click "Become a fan." Help us hit 20,000 fans.

On our Twitter page, The American Legion has experienced a similar rapid growth since the Nov. 8 launching of the organization's new Web site. In about five months, the Legion's number of followers has nearly doubled, almost amassing 2,000 followers - a rather significant milestone. Help continue the growth by signing up for Twitter and following the Legion. The interactive feed gives up-to-the-minute updates on Legion events, military news and veterans concerns.