Questions and answers about 100 Miles for Hope
Photo by Ben Mikesell/The American Legion

Questions and answers about 100 Miles for Hope

The second annual American Legion 100 Miles for Hope kicks off April 1 and runs through Sept. 6. The challenge encourages American Legion Family members and friends to regularly engage in wellness and fitness activities of at least 30 minutes in length. All proceeds from registrations, donations and purchases of gear at Emblem Sales go toward The American Legion Veterans & Children Foundation.

There are some notable improvements from the inaugural edition. To help participants understand the new registration process, the tracking of activities (not miles) and more, we have compiled this handy resource for you.

Question: How do I get started and register? And what do I receive for registration?

Answer: The American Legion has reduced the registration fee to $20 this year. Additionally, every participant will receive a medal later this summer to celebrate their accomplishment. There are two options to register. In order to allow participants to track their activities and encourage others to fundraise, we are using an app from a company called Kilter.

Question: How do I register via the Kilter app?


1. The easiest way is to first visit this link to register on Kilter and join The American Legion’s challenge. It's easy and takes less than a minute.

2. Download the free Kilter app in the app store

3. Choose Sign In (top right)

4. Go to the Events tab > My Events (100 Miles For Hope will automatically come up as you've already registered!)

5. Complete your profile and connect your devices. Don’t forget to set a goal!

6. Share! Tell all your family members and friends you’re participating in The American Legion 100 Miles for Hope that raises funds to support veterans and military families. Share your story on Legiontown, post to social media and send e-mails.

Still need help? Check out this video that details how to use the Kilter app.

Question: I don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to use the app. How can I participate?

Answer: For those who do not have a smartphone, are registering multiple family members such as minor children or grandchildren, or do not care about tracking their activities, it is recommended that they register via Emblem Sales.

Question: Can I register on Emblem Sales and then sign up on Kilter so I can track my activities?

Answer: No, unless you want to pay for registrations on both platforms. Choose the registration option that best suits you.

Question: I got a shirt for my registration last year. Why not this year?

Answer: After the 2020 event, we asked participants what type of swag items they would like for another challenge. Based on those responses, we decided to lower the registration fee and allow participants to select their preferences from the expanded merchandise options. The survey indicated that tech shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, pins, challenge coins and patches for Riders vests were the most popular. Purchases of those items can be made at this Emblem Sales page with proceeds going to the foundation.

Question: Why did you decide to use an app?

Answer: We are using the Kilter app so that every participant who chooses can track their progress and invite their friends and family members to donate on their behalf to support The American Legion Veterans & Children Foundation. Participants in the 2020 challenge expressed interest in being able to track their progress, and asking friends and family members to donate on their behalf. After thorough research, American Legion leadership entered into an agreement with Kilter to use its already-established app.

Question: Why are you still calling it 100 Miles when it is based on activities?

Answer: Based on the success and name recognition, The American Legion opted to keep the same name for brand recognition for 2021 and beyond. And whether you complete 100 miles, 100 activities or some other metric, the goals of the campaign remain the same: encouraging physical fitness and wellness among American Legion Family members and friends while supporting a charity that funds critical resources for veterans and military families.

Question: What’s the goal since you are counting activities instead of miles?

Answer: 100 activities! Every activity of at least 30 minutes in length counts. And participants are allowed to achieve up to three different activities in one day. So if you fall behind or start the challenge later, you still have plenty of time to reach the goal!

Question: What activities count and how do I track them?

Answer: There are more than 40 different activities to choose from including walking, swimming, practicing yoga, volunteering and more. And if your activity isn’t represented on the app (for example, riding a motorcycle or gardening), you can create a manual activity that will count. Click this link to learn more about how to track your efforts, review a list of activities and how to add manual ones.

Question: Riding a motorcycle is not listed among the activities. How do American Legion Riders participate?

Answer: We wouldn’t forget our American Legion Riders! There are several ways in which you can track your activities. American Legion Riders can log their activities by choosing “advocacy” or “volunteering,” or manually entering a ride. Here’s how to manually enter a ride or other activity.

Question: Is there a goal for the fundraising aspect?

Answer: Yes! American Legion National Commander Bill Oxford challenged American Legion Family members to double the amount raised in 2020 in the first inaugural event, which was $150,000. So, the goal for 2021 is to raise $300,000.

Question: So the proceeds go to the Veterans & Children Foundation. Who benefits from those donations?

Answer: The foundation began in 1925 and since then has provided more than $30 million in financial assistance to disabled veterans and military families in need. The V&CF covers training for accredited American Legion service officers who assist any disabled veterans, at no charge, with their VA benefits and claims. Additionally, the foundation funds the Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance program, which delivers grants to military families with financial needs.

Question: I want to help raise money for the V&CF. How can my family members and friends support the foundation and my challenge?

Answer: The Kilter app offers an easy option for peer-to-peer fundraising. Here’s how it works:

1. On the Kilter app, scroll down to the button that says FUNDRAISE and a prompt will come up. Click START REQUEST.

2. After you press the start request button, fill in the blanks for your goals for the event and the amount you are requesting from your potential sponsor.

3. You can then send the message via text or email to anyone in your contacts. In emails, it is recommended to change the subject line to indicate this is going to support The American Legion. For example: “Support veterans and military families.”

Question: I want to share my journey with others. How can I submit a story or tell my followers in social media?

Answer: We’d love to hear about your progress! You are encouraged to take a photo at the beginning of and throughout your journey and share it on social media with the hashtag #100MilesForHope. Tag The American Legion and we’ll help share your progress. Keep us posted on your progress throughout the campaign.

We’d also love to hear your stories about your various activities and fundraising achievements! Go to the Legiontown website and share your story. An editor will review the submissions and we may publish some in our national media to highlight your accomplishments.

Additionally, we have made Facebook frames for you to use with your profile. Simply go to your Facebook profile, click the picture and select “add frame.” Then search for #100MilesforHope, save and you should see it appear.

Question: How do we get others in our community involved?

Answer: There are several promotional resources, including a sample press release, poster and videos, on this page.

Question: I’m registered and ready to start! Anything else I need to know?

Answer: Yes! We’ve also made a customizable race bib available for you to download and wear or display. After downloading it from this web page, you can add a number and your name. And don’t forget to have fun, encourage others to participate and know that you are helping improve the lives of others.