100 miles, three podcast co-hosts, one great episode

An engaging conversation in this week’s American Legion Tango Alpha Lima podcast involves turning the organization into a “lean, mean fighting machine,” as co-host Jeff Daly says.

Daly, of course, is referring to the just-launched second annual 100 Miles for Hope challenge that benefits The American Legion Veterans & Children Foundation (V&CF). There are two options for participants to sign up (details on how to get started here) and get on the path to wellness/fitness while supporting disabled veterans and military families through the V&CF.

Co-host Mark Seavey talks about his goals for 100 Miles for Hope, including a late flurry he is planning just before the event concludes just after Labor Day. He additionally has a cool goal for his kids, the “100 Playgrounds for Hope.”

Also on this week’s episode of the podcast:

• Co-host Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado gives an update on the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation’s plans to create a memorial on the National Mall, which The American Legion supports.

• The hard-line approach that the Biden administration is taking related to China’s menacing of Taiwan. Is military action inevitable at this point?

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