Six of the veterans and American Legionnaires who participated in “Celebrating Her Service” on March 23, honoring the service and sacrifice of women veterans: Verna Jones, Denise Williams, Cat Trombley, Edna Douglas, Cynthia Mason-Posey and Rebecca Jonilionis. Craig Roberts

'Celebrating her service'

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Adding a military focus to Women's History Month, The American Legion hosted an event - "Celebrating Her Service: Military Women Veterans Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." - in Washington to highlight the service and sacrifices of women who have served in America's armed forces.

"Women veteran issues are important to The American Legion," said Verna Jones, manager of the Legion's appeals and special claims unit. "Since this is Women's History Month, we decided to host a program that would celebrate the service and sacrifices of women who have served in the military."

The event featured several women veterans who discussed the history of women in the military and the various issues they face on active duty and as veterans. Speakers included Jackie Garrick, principal director of DoD's Office of Wounded Warrior Care & Transition Policy; and Cathy Wiblemo, director of the House Subcommittee on Health.

The event included a screening of the documentary "Lioness," which tells the story of female Army support soldiers sent into ground combat.

"We are here today to pay homage to the women who have served in the military and are still serving today," said Denise Williams, the Legion's assistant director for health policy. "And we wanted to show the Lioness film to highlight the fact that women are being exposed to combat."

Williams said that "Celebrating Her Service" also underscored The American Legion's commitment to keep women veterans and their gender-specific issues as one of its main priorities.