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Where will America’s jobs come from?

Infrastructure. Our nation’s highways, bridges, airports and dams desperately need attention.
22% (151 votes)
Schools. If we don’t improve facilities, add teachers and prevent further layoffs, our kids will stand no chance.
3% (20 votes)
Energy. A commitment to strengthen and diversify our nation’s energy production will move the needle in more ways than jobs.
7% (51 votes)
Small Businesses. Tax incentives and easier access to capital will allow small businesses to put more people back to work.
52% (353 votes)
Communications Technology. As the communications revolution continues, there is more than enough well-paying work to go around.
1% (8 votes)
Health Care. The need for health-care providers can be expected to increase at every level.
3% (20 votes)
Something else.
12% (79 votes)
Total votes: 682


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