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Do you agree with President Obama's plans for executing the war in Afghanistan?

Yes, because he is giving our military leaders in the region the men to finish the job the right way.
12% (361 votes)
Yes, because there is an exit plan in place, rather than an open-ended campaign.
9% (289 votes)
No, because Obama should trust the men he put in charge in the region and follow Gen. McChrystal’s recommendation of at least 40,000 more troops
20% (632 votes)
No, because imposing deadlines before we know we’ve accomplished our mission allows our enemies to see an end in sight and hold out for it.
45% (1385 votes)
No, because we’ve spilled enough U.S. blood already and need to pull out now, cut our losses and focus on the domestic issues facing us.
14% (418 votes)
Total votes: 3085


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