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What changes should be made to DoD policy on gays in the military?

None. The “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy works fine, and now is not the time to revisit it.
27% (1382 votes)
Some. The current policy offers too few protections for gay members of the Armed Forces who can be discharged or have their military careers ruined by retribution “outing.”
4% (184 votes)
Overhaul it. Gay military personnel who want to serve their country in uniform should not be discharged based on sexual preference, regardless who knows.
47% (2394 votes)
Reversal. Homosexuality, open or otherwise, disrupts order and negatively affects morale. They should be discharged.
20% (1018 votes)
None. Wait for a better time.
3% (144 votes)
Total votes: 5122


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