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Which 2010 event involving the Legion was of greatest interest to you?

“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” ban on open homosexuality in the military is repealed.
17% (68 votes)
Afghanistan becomes the hot theater in war on terror as Taliban re-asserts itself and U.S. troops are drawn down in Iraq.
8% (34 votes)
The website WikiLeaks divulges classified U.S. information to world media.
14% (59 votes)
VA adds three new diseases to those presumed linked to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam.
14% (58 votes)
U.S. Supreme Court rules that the presence of a veterans memorial cross in the Mojave Desert is not unconstitutional.
23% (96 votes)
Mismanagement, including unmarked and improperly marked graves, is revealed at Arlington National Cemetery.
18% (75 votes)
Other (please comment below)
5% (21 votes)
Total votes: 411


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