Below are some frequently asked questions often asked regarding the Operation Comfort Warriors program. Please review these before emailing a question to OCW staff.

Where do I mail a donation?

All OCW donations should be mailed to:
The American Legion,
5745 Lee Rd.,
Indianapolis, IN 46216

As always, every dollar of every donation made benefits OCW. The American Legion covers all associated costs, administrative or otherwise.

How do I make out the donation check (who do I make it payable to)?

Donation checks can be made to The American Legion, with Operation Comfort Warriors listed in the check's memo line. Or, checks may be made out directly to Operation Comfort Warriors.

Does the Legion have literature available on the OCW program?

The Legion has published a brochure, "Because We Care," that explains OCW's goals and general information about the program. The Legion has also published a booklet to help departments, posts and Legionnaires get involved in OCW - "How You Can Help."

How do I receive those publications?

They are accessible via the Publications page on They can also be mailed from National Headquarters in paper form directly to posts or Legionnaires. To make a request for publications in their paper form, email with the quantity and name of publication needed and a mailing address.

Are there posters available for OCW?

Yes, the Legion has a OCW poster available on its Publications page for posts and Legionnaires to use. It can be printed and edited to list specific event information.