PR Award Recipient, 2012

Dye, a retired Marine Corps captain and advisor to Hollywood on military issues and background, was honored for his efforts to bring realism to Hollywood war films.

Dye earned three Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star during his service in the Vietnam War, and survived 31 major combat operations. He put his wealth of experience to good use in the mid-1980s, when he started a company in Hollywood called Warriors, Inc. - offering his services to help actors understand what it's truly like to be an American soldier. He has worked on "Platoon," "Saving Private Ryan," and "The Pacific," among others.

Upon receiving the award, the Legionnaire commented, "If I ever had an epitaph, it would be that … I believe that America, our America, deserves a little fact with its fiction when it comes to motion pictures and television. If ever there has been a time with young Americans, this is it, to use popular media to tell them, to teach them, where we came from, what our ideals are, and what we believe in."

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