Marty Justis, executive director of the Legion's National Headquarters, praised American Legion Riders for their performance in this year's Legacy Run. Photo by James V. Carroll

2012 Legacy Run - nothing firm yet

Coming off another successful Legacy Run that came to a conclusion in Minneapolis, Legion Riders met Friday to discuss the Run and offer thanks and comments to Legion staff and the Legion Riders Ad-Hoc Committee.

But a large part of the conversation centered on the 2012 Run. Indianapolis - the home of National Headquarters and the starting point for all six Legacy Runs - will host next year's national convention. Staff and committee members were quick to point out that no plans are set in stone for 2012.

"We are in the process of planning a Legion Riders expo with a ride of some sort, but these are all conceptual options right now," stressed Scott Miller, National Headquarters' program developer for the Legion Riders. "Nothing is etched in stone right now. But we want to come back in a couple of months and be able to come out with a plan for 2012."

During the meeting, Miller said The American Legion and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation will work together to increase rider safety awareness and training. "The goal within the next year is to work with MSF to do regional training around the country," Miller said. "We want to provide you the tools to train folks in your community."

Also, National Headquarters Executive Director Marty Justis praised the Riders for their efforts on the Run, which raised more than $336,000 heading into next week's national convention. "This was the safest and probably the most efficient Run I've ever seen, Justis said. "I've been on every one of them, and I want to congratulate each and every one of you."