While you are in the garage downing that last cup of coffee before you go riding do a short pre-trip inspection of your brakes. This is no big deal, start by feeling for any grooves in the rotor by rubbing your fingers on the surface. With a flashlight look between the caliper and the rotor and make sure there is brake pad visible. If the pads are barely visible or not visible at all, it’s time to change them. Do this when you get a new scooter and everything is fresh, this way you will know what the pads should look like.

Many riders, even seasoned bikers ignore their brakes until they stop working properly. Replacing the pads is fairly inexpensive, however, if this job is ignored and the pads are allowed to wear grooves in the rotor the cost of replacing the rotors and pads can be staggering. The brakes on a motorcycle are one of the components that make riding fun, we have more acceleration than a four wheeler and therefore it makes sense that we also have a braking advantage.

Get Down and Dirty with your mechanical sweetheart once and awhile and you will appreciate and enjoy the art of riding much more.


ALR Road Captain, Post 1 Omaha, Neb.

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