At the riders meeting before the ride listen up for directions, signals, and any unusual traffic tips that the Road Captain and Sweep Riders might have. If you have questions about the ride ask an Officer of the sponsoring group or the Road Captain before starting out. Gather all the info you can about the ride and use the intelligence you have to create a great day of toolin’ down the road with your friends.
The Road Captain will ask everyone to raise a hand in the air or set a hand on the top of their windshield to signify they are ready. Did you hear that mentioned at the riders meeting? Did you hear the route, and the details of getting there? Did you ask any questions? That’s riders’ recon …the search for intelligence.
If you find yourself separated from the group don’t sweat it, you already know the route and destination because you did your recon at the riders meeting. A good recon on group riding before the ride would have also revealed a method of keeping those riders that get separated from the group on the same route by using bread crumbs. This is where the group will leave one bike at each turn along the route until the following
group reaches the turn. If you get separated from the main group of riders by a traffic light, train, or a pack of wild Elephants crossing the road, regroup when you can …and remember that until you catch up with the other riders you are the lead rider and the others behind you are now relying on your judgment and how well you did your Recon...
ALR Road Captain
Omaha Post 1

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