Legacy Scholarship awards $49,980 to youth

The American Legion’s National Committee on Education met during Spring Meetings to select the Legion’s Legacy Scholarship recipients for 2013. Through its Legacy Scholarship, The American Legion ensures that the children of military parents who died while on active duty on or after Sept. 11, 2001, achieve their dream of attending college. This includes legally adopted children or children of a spouse by a prior marriage.

The Legion awarded 28 youth with the renewable Legacy Scholarship, and each recipient will receive $1,785.

New recipients are:

  • Austin Alex, Freeland, Mich.
  • Sebastian Almanzar, Walden, N.Y.
  • Michael Beeler, Sparta, Wis.
  • Brian Brooks, Norwood, Mass.
  • Sarah Cubert, Lawrenceburg, Ky.
  • Demetrius de Moors, Peachtree City, Ga.
  • Haley Hartwick, Leander, Texas
  • Kelsey Hobart, Naples, N.Y.
  • Page Hobart, Naples, N.Y.
  • Chelsea Kinlow, Thomson, Ga.
  • David Locht Jr., Destin, Fla.
  • Tyler Malcolm, Radcliff, Ky.
  • Laura Marshall, Los Angeles
  • Jacob Martin, McEwen, Tenn.
  • Stephanie Mick, Arispe, Iowa
  • Craig Thurber, Mayette, Kan.
  • Anna Muralles, Savannah, Ga.
  • Madison West, Chesapeake, Va.

Returning recipients are:

  • Christina Beeler, Sparta, Wis.
  • Alexander Bauer, Pipestone, Minn.
  • Samuel Bauer, Pipestone, Minn.
  • Daniel Bertolino, Murrieta, Calif.
  • Stephen Bertolino Jr., Murrieta, Calif.
  • Taylor B. Curry, APO AE (Italy)
  • Sean McVey, Oak Hill, W.Va.
  • Olivia Murphy-Sweet, Mechanicsburg, Penn.
  • Eric Witt, Springfield, Ohio
  • Emily Harper, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan.

The Legacy Scholarship helps high school seniors preparing to attend college, or graduates working toward an undergraduate degree, with the expense of tuition, books, room and board, and other supplies needed for college. The scholarship can also be used toward private or out-of-state colleges.

If you or someone you know is eligible to apply for the Legacy Scholarship, visit www.legion.org/scholarships/legacy for application information. And for details on how to donate to the Legacy Scholarship Fund, and to see a list of frequently asked questions about the scholarship, click here.


The American Legion offers a number of scholarships and other resources to assist young people in their pursuit of higher education. There are opportunities for everyone, including kin of wartime veterans and participants in Legion programs.

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