Support our nation's youth

Our American Legion’s Family Support Network is ready to provide assistance to service personnel and their families who have been directly affected by the global war on terrorism. Active military, National Guard and reserve units have been activated in record numbers since the September 11th war on terror and the early days of Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm and the Persian Gulf War.

Since the families of these men and women find themselves unable to meet the monthly household obligations, assistance is needed for everyday expenses. Family assistance is available through the Family Support Network for those that need help with their normal operations around their home. It only takes one call to a local post to receive assistance.

The American Legion has a toll free number (800) 504-4098 for servicemembers and their families to call for assistance. Assistance can also be applied for online and that information is funneled down to the nearest post located by the family. The local post will contact the family to see what type of assistance is needed and either take care of the situation or refer to someone that can further assist. There are many programs out there available and sometimes this support group is not the one needed. For instance, those with minor children may qualify for Temporary Financial Assistance. Visit for more information.

As the nation’s largest veterans organization, our commitment to the men and women of our armed forces and their families must not endure hardship caused by their military service. By responding to the needs of their families, we ensure that The American Legion is "Still Serving America."

Visit to see how to apply for support.

Yours in Service

Camille A. LeJeune, Jr.

Children & Youth