SAL: 'Get Back to Blue'

Our commanders theme for this year has been "Get Back to Blue." There cannot be a better way for us to grow our organization than to follow this creed. Everything that we do starts and ends at the Squadron level. Yes, we have detachments and the national level that further the goals of our organization, but the squadrons are where the rubber meets the road. Membership, meetings, fundraising and supporting our posts, which is our main goal in order to help our country’s veterans and their families, are what we are good at.

Everywhere that I have traveled this year shows that we have countless numbers of members that do just that every day. You, the "people" are what make this organization great. Getting back to blue should be on everyone’s mind. Remember that at the squadron level is where your friends are; that is where you have fun and get things done and really feel good about doing it. If this was not happening, then we would die on the vine for a lack of interest. But, we have good people doing great things, just a little at a time, and a lot of us are doing it, "In the name of our Fathers."

What a joy to think that our fathers would be proud of everything that we do in raising money for the Child Welfare Foundation and the National Emergency Fund in support our country’s veterans and their families. The bottom line on getting back to blue is to engage fully with your squadron, your friends and neighbors in support of America and our veterans, and moreover to have fun doing it. Get out there and have fun doing what makes our fathers proud and makes us feel good also!

Bob Fulkerson

National Vice Commander

Sons of