SAL memberships ahead of last year’s pace

The Sons of The American Legion achieved 46.7 percent for this fourth Sons membership target goal for the 2013 membership year as of Dec. 12. Son’s membership currently stands at 164,935 members, which is 13,667 ahead of last year. As of now, 33 detachments achieved the 10 percent membership target goal.

The next SAL membership target date is Jan. 16, which will be the 60 percent membership target goal.

Meanwhile, the winter edition of the SAL National Update newsletter is being processed and should be mailed within the next week. More than 325,000 newsletters will be mailed across the country.

The second SAL Renewal Postcard mailing for 2013 is scheduled to be mailed in late January, following this membership target date. We expect to mail more than 150,000 Sons postcards to members nationwide for this second renewal mailing.