Legion Family Support Network

The Family Support Network provides immediate assistance to service personnel and their families helping them, to meet everyday chores and expenses. These needs range from routine household chores, home repairs, grocery shopping, and even helping with mowing the lawn for that expecting mother whose husband is serving abroad.

This network actively connects families in need with a local American Legion post. Families can request assistance online at www.legion.org/fsn or by calling the hotline at 1-800-504-4098. The legion has almost 15,000 posts nationwide and help can be as close as a phone call away.

Request come in and are referred to the Legion Department, from there a local post is contacted. The local posts either provide direct assistance or can help service members get resources from other sources and even help them apply for a American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance grant if needed.

Since 2001 our military has been deployed in record numbers and for longer durations Thant ever before. The Family Support Network is only as strong as our nationwide organization of posts. We must remain steadfast to provide support when that service member calls and connects to your local post. Together, we can act and ensure that no family endures unnecessary hardships caused by military service.

Greg "Doc" Gibbs
Children & Youth Committeeman