Child Welfare Foundation FAQs

The Child Welfare Foundation is a nonprofit that has two primary purposes: to contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of children and youth and establish more effective uses of knowledge possessed by well-established organizations. To attain these goals, CWF raises donations and awards grants to organizations that help children. The CWF is governed by its board of directors and a national chairman. All administrative costs of the Child Welfare Foundation are borne by The American Legion so 100 percent of all money raised for the foundation is used exclusively for grants.

How does an organization receive a CWF grant?

Any organization interested in being considered for a CWF grant must obtain a grant application form from National Headquarters.

How can I contact CWF?

Questions, comments and donations can be sent to:

The American Legion

Child Welfare Foundation

P.O. Box 1055

Indianapolis, IN 46206

Does CWF operate on a calendar year or a fiscal year?

CWF operates on a fiscal year that runs from June 1st thru May 31st.

I hear the Sons of The American Legion is a major contributor to CWF. Is this true?

Yes. The Sons of The American Legion is the single largest contributor to CWF. This past year, SAL contributed more than $506,000 to CWF, which enabled the foundation to award more than $734,000 in grants to 20 organizations. The SAL has accounted for more than $5 million in total donations to CWF.

If SAL is such a large contributor, why isn’t there a designated foundation board seat for them?

The current CWF Constitution and Bylaws do not provide for the addition of an SAL-specific board member. Such a change would impact CWF’s standing before the IRS which could cost the foundation thousands of dollars. Perhaps it’s important to note that the national chairman of CWF is Pete Sierminski, an active SAL member who also serves as chairman of the SAL National Child Welfare Committee.

Can donations be made to CWF as a memorial?

Yes. Memorial certificates are made for donations of $20 or more. Donations of $300 or more are recognized with plaques.

How can we get CWF collection canisters, coffee cups and other CWF items to sell?

Contact the National Headquarters by phone: (317) 630-1202 and ask for the Child Welfare Foundation.

Can we get awards for selling CWF items?

Yes. Every year at the National Convention the cational chairman gives out certificates to detachments, districts, squadrons and individual members who have made significant donations to CWF. Awards are also given out to recognize the detachments which have made the largest per capita donations. These awards are given out at the National Convention:

  • Garland R. Murphy, Jr. Award for the detachment with the highest monetary donations
  • Foundation Alumni Network Plaques - Bronze ($500), $750 (Silver), $1,000 (Gold)
  • Foundation Alumni Network Pins - $100-199 (amethyst), $200-299 (blue sapphire), $300-399 (ruby), $400-499 (emerald), $500-999 (diamond), $1,000-or more (5 diamonds)


CWF Chairman: Pete Sierminski