Let’s take the steps to put a little more love in the world

Let’s take the steps to put a little more love in the world

Happy Thanksgiving from the Fox family to you and yours!

As we celebrate the holiday season with our loved ones, please remember to say a prayer for those brave men and women who continue to fight to preserve our freedom that we hold dear. Lift up our veteran heroes with love and honor. Support our military families with words of encouragement and unity. And do something extra for your community and those who are suffering.

Buddy checks are important around the holidays. We need to do our part. You never know how much words of love and encouragement will mean to someone who is struggling. We can do our part to reduce the amount of veteran suicides there are per day by just caring a little more, loving a little more, and reaching out to our friends more consistently.

Let’s take the steps necessary in our lives to put a little more love in the world. There is no limit to the amount of good we can do. We are the Sons of The American Legion, we are SAL Strong, God bless our veterans, God bless our military in harm's way, and God bless the United States of America.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Fox, National Commander, Sons of The American Legion