Let’s set our goals high this year

Let’s set our goals high this year

Greetings, Sons of The American Legion,

It has already been a busy and productive time since my election as your SAL National Commander at the 50th SAL National Convention in Milwaukee. I look forward to seeing you during my travels.

I want to take a moment to share with you some of my goals for this year.

Membership. Membership is, of course, a priority every year. We would like to reach 103 percent membership by the end of the year. A key to reaching that goal is by focusing on our renewals. I believe that many of our members want to be involved and active; they just don’t know how. We need to find out what those inactive members are interested in, what they are good at and give them a job to do. By helping them feel productive and included in the great work we do, we can help ensure that they will renew their membership and spread the word to other potential members.

“Be the One.” I am proud to support the “Be the One” campaign. We all know that suicide and mental health are key issues our veterans must face daily. We want to destigmatize asking for mental health support and create opportunity for those with mental health issues to speak freely and get the support they need. Our veterans shouldn’t fear the consequences of asking for help.

To “Be the One” means to ask a veteran and their family how they are doing. To “Be the One” means to listen when a veteran or their family needs to talk. To “Be the One” means to reach out when a veteran or their family are struggling. We all need to “Be the One.”

Veterans & Children Foundation. American Legion National Commander Vincent J. “Jim” Troiola has set a goal to raise $2 million for the Veterans & Children Foundation (VCF) this year. I want the Sons of The American Legion to be the biggest contributor to his goal. We can reiterate to The American Legion that, when we put our minds together and work together, we can accomplish great things.

Be the One!

With passion and purpose.

SAL National Commander Christopher Carlton