New Endowment Award Information

Awards from 2016 National Convention

National Color Guard - Stillwell Award - Detachment of California 12th District

Endowment Fund Awards

James A. Drain Founder's Award-

Harry W. Colmery Legacy Award-

Child Welfare Foundation:

Detachment of Florida received the US Udie Grant Legacy Award

Detachment of Nevada for Excellence and Achieving the Highest Per-Capita

Detachment of Ohio received the CWF Meritorious Achievement Award for Highest Increase Per-Capita

Detachment of Ohio received the Garland D. Murphy, Jr. Award for

Per Capita Awards Largest in the Nation – Nevada

Largest Monetary Donation in the Nation – Ohio

Largest Monetary Donation in the South Region – Florida

Largest Monetary Donation in the East Region – Pennsylvania

Largest Monetary Donation in the Mid-West Region – Colorado

Largest Monetary Donation in the Western Region – Arizona



Best Detachment - Florida

Best District - District 4-Georgia

Best Squadron - Colton, Ca. Squadron 155

Mid West - Wichita, Ks. Squadron 256

Central - Fond du lac, Wi. Squadron 75

East - Leonardo, New Jersey Squadron 338

West - Glendale, Az. Squadron 29

South - Arlington, Fl. Squadron 283


Membership Awards:

Hartline Award-Most New Squadrons-Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio

Houghton Award-Greatest % Increase in Membership

Catagory 1 – Oklahome

Catagory 2 – Wyoming

Catagory 3 – Massachusetts

Catagoru 4 – Minnesota

Catagory 5 – Florida

Regional 100% Awards

East - France

South - North Carolina

Central - Wisconsin

Mid-West - South Dakota

West - Nevada

Highest Renewal Percentage by Region

East - France

South - Mississippi

Central - Minnesota

Mid-West - North Dakota

West -Idaho

Largest Squadron Award – Newport Harbor Squadron 291, 1,751


History Book Awards

The History Book Squadron Winner was awarded to Easthampton, Ma. Squadron 224

Distict Winner is District 6-Florida

The Detachment Winner is - Vermont


VA&R Awards

Kirby Kepler Memorial (Squadron): Squadron 155, Colton, Ca.

Allen I. O’Brian Memorial (District): District 1 Georgia

Earl Webster Memorial (Detachment): Georgia

Charles B. Rigsby Volunteer of the Year: Gabe Cinquegrana- Squadron 256 Canandaigus, Ny.


Americanism Awards

The winners for the Gerald Atwood-Edward Beyea-Raymond York Memorial Awards are:

#1 Detachment in the Nation – Georgia

#1 District in the Nation – 9th Distric Georgia

#1 Squadron of the Year - John B. Handle Squadron 89, Vestal, New York

The following National Emergency Fund Awards were presented:

Largest Donation Per Capita in the Nation – Oregon

Largest Donation Per Capita in the Central Region – Michigan

Largest Donation Per Capita in the East Region – Conneticutt

Largest Donation Per Capita in the Mid-West Region – Montana

Largest Donation Per Capita in the West Region – Oregon

The following Community Service Scrapbook Awards were presented:

Community Service Detachment Scrapbook Award – Maryland

Community Service District Scrapbook Award – Third District - Minnesota

Community Service Squadron Scrapbook Award – Squadron 82, La Plata, Maryland


George B. Evans Grassroot Veterans Advocate of The Year Award - Roy Santiago, Squadron 872, Hughson, Ca.


Commander's Legacy Scholarship Awards

Largest Donation - Michigan

South - Florida

Mid-West - Nebraska

West - Arizona

East - New York

Head Superintendent- John Kerestan

Special S.A.L. Humantarian Award-Bob Brown, Ronnie Grist