Snapshots of Service with Release Froms (fillable)

Squadron Data Report (new squadron only) - fillable

2022 SAL Individual Recruitment Award Pin Form

2022 SAL Blue Brigade Award Form

National HQ Guidelines for Issuance of a SAL Squadron Charter

National HQ Guidelines for Post & Squadron Charter Cancellations

SAL (Squadron Only) Charter Cancellation Form – fillable

SAL Squadron Charter Application – fillable

myLegion Q&A Videos

Training sessions for Sons of The American Legion Adjutants


SAL Sub Report, as of: 4-2021

SAL National Convention Delegate Form - fillable

SAL National Convention Alternate Delegate Form - fillable

SAL National Convention Guest Form - fillable

SAL 49th Convention Agenda Flyer - 2021 (revised)

SAL 49th Convention - Call to Convention Memo 2021

SAL Uniform Code of Procedure

SAL National Constitution & By-Laws

SAL Rules of NEC

Consolidated Squadron Report (CSR) 2021

Annual Squadron Data Report (SDR) 2021

Notification of Post-Squadron Commanders & Adjutants - fillable

myLegion Support Team - contact info

Marvin P Nay VE&E Outstanding Contributor Award - Criteria Form

Marvin P Nay VE&E Outstanding Contributor Award - Nomination Form (fillable)

2022 SAL Detachment Membership Goals

2021 SAL Detachment Membership Goals

SAL Citation of Achievement Request Form

SAL 100% Squadron Honor Request Form

SAL All Time High RED Honor Ribbon Request Form

SAL Member Data Form

SAL Recruitment Poster

SAL Squadron Charter Application

SAL Squadron Charter Guidelines

Memo from IA Chair, 12-2019

Reimbursement Policy as of: 10-2019

Change to SAL Constitution and By-Laws, October 15-17, 2019 (Fall NEC Meeting)