Committee & Commission Reports Membership Year 2017-2018

American Legion Press Association

Boys State Memo


Americanism  Reports

National Emergency Fund - 2018-Jim Borgman Member

The Flag Code - 2018-Don Allisot Commission Member

Scouting-Scott Merrill - Commission Member

National Commander Dan Smith Memo

American Legion Boys State - Ernie Laberge Commission Member

High School Oratorical Competition-Jim Borgman Commission Member

History of Flag Education-Don Allisot Commission Member

Spotlight on Americanism - American Legion Baseball-Jim Borgman Commission Member

Helpful pdf Suggestions on filling out  the Consolidated Report Form - Gerald Hammerschmidt - Americanism Chairman

Helpful doc Suggestions on filling out the Consolidated Report Form - Gerald Hammerschmidt - Americanism Chairman

Spotlight on Americanism - Boy Scouts of America - Richard Pond Alt. N.E.C. New Hampshire

Five Star & Ten ideals Programs - October pdf - Gerald Hammerschmidt

Spotlight on Americanism September pdf - Gerald Hammerschmidt


National Veterans Employment & Education Commission

October Update

Convention Power Point - Veterans Homelessness


National Legislative Commission

Washington Conference Memo

Washington Conference Bus Schedule

Washington Conference Wreath Info



National Legislative Affairs Commission Memo

Washington Conference Memo - William Kelly Chairman

Washington Conference Wreath Laying Schedule

National Legislative Affairs Commission Agenda


Children & Youth

Child Welfare Adopt Memo



National Children & Youth Quarterly E-Newsletter "Following Their Footsteps-Making History"

National Children & Youth Quarterly E-Newsletter 4th Edition


Legislative Commission

National Legislative Agenda-Bill Kelly

Washington Conference Application & Form

Washington Conference Bus Schedule

George B. Evans Volunteer of The Year Award Info

Legislative Fall Meeting Presentation


 Membership Committee

January 2018 Membership Tool-Joe Roberts

December Membership Tool

Membership Renewal Letter doc

Membership Renewal Letter pdf


National Veterans Employment & Education Commission

Assiting Homeless Veterans-Larry Weinzirl

End Veterans Homeless-How You Can Help-Larry Weinzirl

VE&E Homeless Info

VE&E Homeless Brochure

VE&E Commission January Report


Resolutions Commission-John Jennings Chairman

Resolutions Memo - John Jennings

Resolutions Book

How To Create a Resolution

Sample Resolution

Sons Uniform Code of Procedure


V A & R Reports

V A & R 2018-2019 Mission Plan

November - December Report

December 2017 Report

November 2017 Report

National Veterans Affairs & Rehabilition October 2017  Report

October Report - Operation Comfort Warrior