Committee & Commission Reports-Membership Year 2016-2017


2017 National American Legion & Chaplains Calendar


Child Welfare Foundation Milestone Video

 Americanism  Reports

History of Flag Education-Don Allisot Commission Member

Spotlight on Americanism - American Legion Baseball-Jim Borgman Commission Member

Helpful pdf Suggestions on filling out  the Consolidated Report Form - Gerald Hammerschmidt - Americanism Chairman

Helpful doc Suggestions on filling out the Consolidated Report Form - Gerald Hammerschmidt - Americanism Chairman

Spotlight on Americanism - Boy Scouts of America - Richard Pond Alt. N.E.C. New Hampshire

March Americanism Report-Americanism Spread The Word-Jim Borgman

February Americanism Report-American Legion Baseball-Jim Borgman

February is Americanism Month-Gerald Hammerschmidt

National Americanism Flag Education-Don Allisot Commission Member

National Americanism American Legion Baseball Funding

Five Star & Ten ideals Programs - October pdf - Gerald Hammerschmidt

Spotlight on Americanism September pdf - Gerald Hammerschmidt

August - American Legion Extension Institute - Greg "Doc" Gibbs

American Legion Amatuer Radio Club - Greg "Doc" Gibbs

Americanism Power Point Presentation Updated 8-20-2016

Updated Americanism Handbook 8-2016

June - Flag Etiquette - Gerald Hammerschmidt

June - Samsung Scholarships - Gregg "Doc" Gibbs

June - Buffalo Bank Assists vets - Gregg "Doc" Gibbs

June - Junior Shooting Sports - Jim Borgman

June - PTSD Display - Gerald Hammerschmidt

June - S.A.L. Americanism FaceBook Page - Greg "Doc" Gibbs

May - Get Out The Vote - Greg "Doc" Gibbs

May - Service To God & Country - Tom Chebro

April - National Oratorical Contest - Greg "Doc" Gibbs

March Article - Boys State - Tom Chebro

5 Star - Ten Ideals - January Article

Service to God and Country - December Article - Gerald Hammerschmidt

What is Americanism

November Article - Community Service Scrapbook Contest

September Updated Report




National Children & Youth Quarterly E-Newsletter 4th Edition

National Children & Youth Quarterly E-Newsletter 3rd Edition

National Children & Youth Quarterly E-Newsletter 2nd Edition

National Children & Youth Committee Fall 2016 Newsletter

National Children & Youth Committee Summer 2016 Newsletter

National Children & Youth Committee Spring 2016 Newsletter

National Children & Youth Committee Fall Newsletter

November Children & Youth Report - Chairman Randy Eicher

 November Children & Youth Report - Ronnie Grist

Legislative Committee

David Lee  Legislative Memo

Current Legislation Memo

George Evans Award of the Year Info

Communicating with elected officials


Legislative Report--Congress Legislative Points - David Lee Legislative Chairman

Legislative Report-David Lee Chairman

Nov. Get out The Vote-11-8-16 David Lee Legislative Chairman

 Membership Committee

Membership Committee Call October 2016 - Seth Rippe Chairman

Membership Committee Call December 2016 - Seth Rippe Chairman

Membership Committee Call February 2017 - Seth Rippe Chairman

Membership Committee Call March 2017 - Seth Rippe Chairman

Membership Committee Call April 2017 - Seth Rippe Chairman


National Veterans Employment & Education Commission

Assiting Homeless Veterans-Larry Weinzirl

End Veterans Homeless-How You Can Help-Larry Weinzirl

The American Legion Veterans Employment & Education Commission's Winter Conference Meeting Flyer

The American Legion Veterans E & E Commission Agenda Winter Conference

VE&E Homeless Info

VE&E Homeless Brochure

VE&E Commission January Report

June- VE&E Commission Message - Larry "Bear" Weinzirl

State Education Benefits

October Report - VE&E Commission Questions and Answers

 September Report


Resolutions Commission-John Jennings Chairman

Resolutions Memo - John Jennings

Resolutions Book

How To Create a Resolution

Sample Resolution

Sons Uniform Code of Procedure


V A & R Reports

 October Report - Operation Comfort Warrior





Committee & Commission Reports Membership Year 2014-2015

August 8th Spotlight on Americanism--Immigration--Danny Smith

July 12th Homeland Security Report---Robert Borkovich

July 11th Spotlight on Americanism--Five Star & Ten Ideals--Gerald Hammerschmidt

June 26th Spotlight on Americanism--Jr. Shooting Sports--Danny Smith

Endowment Fund Memo---June

June 6th Spotlight on Americanism--Flag Etiquette--Gerald Hammerschmidt

May 31st National Children & Youth Report-Scott Garret

May 29th Final Endowment Fund Report

May 29th Final Endowment Fund Report

June 1st Homeland Security & Civil Prepardness Article

May 2015 Homeland Security Report-Cyber Attacks-Robert Borkovich

May 2015 Children & Youth Commission Report-Endowment Fund-Jim Noble

May 2015 Spotlight on Americanism-Patriotic Holidays-Dave Siggers-Americanism Commission Member

Membership Notes-May 2015

April 28th Children & Youth Commission Report--Jim Noble

VA&R Newsletter--April 2015

April13th Children & Youth Report--Endowment Fund

April 21st Spotlight on Americanism-Scholarships

March 30th National Children & Youth Newsletter

March 10th Spotlight on Boys State

March 9th Membership Update

March 9th Children & Youth April Report

March 9th Children & Youth Letter

February 26th April is American Legion Children & Youth Month-Bill Kelly

February 25th Spotlight on COTA

February 8th Spotlight on America-Education

February 8th Danny Smith-Memo

February 1st Snapshots of Service - Centennial Squadron #209 Colorado

February 1st Snapshots of Servive - Squadron #377 Michigan

January 25th Endowment Fund Report - National Children & Youth Commission - Jim Noble

January 8th Endowment Fund Report

Child Welfare Foundation doc Mid-Year Report - Pete Sierminski - CWF Chairman

Child Welfare Foundation pdf Mid-Year Report - Pete Sierminski - CWF Chairman

January 2015 Americanism Report- Spotlight on Uniformed Groups

Pennsylvania S.A.L. Members Receive Presidential Volunteer Award

December 31st Membership Report - George Flasinski - Membership Chairman

Final 2014 Membership pdf Report

December 23rd Snapshots of Service - Squadron #71 Gladstone August Mattson - Michigan

December 22nd Legislative Memo - David Lee - Legislative Chairman

December 13th pdf George Flasinski-Membership Push in Pennsylvania

December 11th pdf Memo - George Flasinski Membership Chairman

December 9th Legislative Report-David Lee Legislative Chairman

December 7th Spotlight Report - Service To God & Country

November 30th Snapshots of Service - Iron City Michigan

November 18th Americanism In Action

November 17th Public Relations Report

November 1st Spotlight on Americanism Awards

November 1st Guideline for filling out the Atwood-Beyea-York Memorial Award

October 28th Children & Youth Commission Contact Information

October 23rd pdf Memo-George Flasinski Membership Chairman

October 23rd doc Memo-George Flasinski Membership Chairman

October 2014-Americanism Report-Spotlight on National Commanders Projects

October 10-22-15 Public Relations Report

2014-2015 Snapshots of Service Submittal Form

2014-2015 Snapshots of Service Information Memo

April 2014-Family Support Report

April 2014-Homeland April Report

April 2014-Wild Fire Report

April 2014-Uniformed Groups

May 2014-Homeland May Report

May 2014- Homeland June Report

June 2014 - COTA

June 2014 - Community Service

June 2014 - Promoting the S.A.L.

July 2014 - Storm Ready

July 2014 - American Legion Baseball

August 2014 - Are You Ready

Spotlight on Flag Education

Spotlight on Boy Scouts

Spotlight on Cadet Law

Spotlight on Boys State

Spotlight on Oratorical Contest

Spotlight On Junior Shooting Sports

Spotlight On Josh Dogs

Ronald McDonald House-1

Ronald McDonald House-2

Public Relations Article March 2014

Childrens Miracle Network