Bus kills soldier in Salinas station

Aug. 27, 1945
Private Max E. Schooler, of Fort Ord, was killed under the wheels of a Greyhound bus as it was leaving the downtown station yesterday.
Coroner J.A. Cornett said witnesses told him that Schooler tried to crawl under the machine.
An airbase wrecker worked three hours to lift the bus from the soldier's body.

This is the last information, of any value, as to why my father crawled under a bus leaving the station. No witnesses were allowed to come forward or were named. Nobody in his unit responded to a family request. Investigation pending, files destroyed in a fire in St. Louis, etc., etc., etc.
I doubt that any servicemen left from his unit are still alive, but family would appreciate any details they might remember after so many years.

Respectfully, Michael Dennis Schooler, son of Max.