Hispanic-American gave all for his country

Pvt. Pedro Soto was killed in Italy on Nov. 26, 1943. Pedro, as he was known by his family, was the first Hispanic American from Kingsville, Texas, killed in action, in Italy, during World War II. One sad part to this story is that his last letter, dated Oct. 19, in which he told his father he was in Italy; and a card wishing everyone at home a Merry Christmas, dated Nov. 4, were received by his father, Mr. Soto, on Nov. 13, one day after he was notified by telegram that his son had been killed in action.

The even sadder part to this story is that the father, Mr. Soto, became so distraught mentally, that he was unable to claim his son's body, so Pedro was never brought home to be buried by his family. He is buried somewhere in Italy. His father never received a burial flag to remember his son.

We always remember Pedro during holidays because we are proud of his service and sacrifice to and for his country, the United States of America. I am a Vietnam veteran and I always put up an MIA flag for Pedro because this WWII veteran was my uncle.