A.W.O.L. - “How to guard these soldiers”

When I was stationed at Fort Knox, Ky., in 1952, I was given the assignment of returning A.W.O.L’s to the encampment. The men were given clothes to wear, a bunk to sleep in. I was assigned three men to watch; one of three had been A.W.O.L. for over three years.
Before this assignment the guards and I watched a movie – “How to Guard These Soldiers.”
If you had to shoot one of them you had to pay a fine and probably be sent to a new post.
Each time we came to a road – the one A.W.O.L. of 40 months ran in front of a car to the other side of the road. Then taunted me, you won’t shoot your friend from Ohio. You and I are the same, you’re my buddy.
I ordered him to stop. He did this three times. We were also told if one prisoner escaped, you would serve his time in the stockade.
I raised the shotgun and pointed it at him. He stopped and returned to the group. He began to realize I would shoot.