Cold War years: four brothers serve together in U.S. Navy

Cold War years: four brothers serve together in U.S. Navy

Four of six brothers from Chillicothe, Ohio, left the farm to join the U.S. Navy. Being the oldest, Louis graduated from high school in 1953, and he went to the Navy recruiter to enlist. Two weeks later, William Bert dropped out of high school and joined the Navy. Charles Edward was soon to follow. After hospital corps school for William and Louis, all three ended up on USS Tarawa (CVS-40) (1).

Three brothers or more serving together had not occurred since the loss of the five Sullivan brothers during World War II.
Charles, as a machinist's mate, took care of Sick Bay’s air condition. William and Louis stayed aboard the ship for a few months until their enlistments were up. After four years, William Bert re-enlisted and went to USS Grand Canyon. Louis “Shipped Over” and went to Bethesda, Md., and attended lab school. He went to FMF school and served with the Marines.

William Bert went aboard a submarine rescue ship, USS Skylark (ASR-20), where he was soon joined by another brother, David Larry Adams, rounding out his career of having served with four brothers in the U.S. Navy.

Having the worldwide travel and naval adventure in the rearview mirror, William Bert returned to the Ohio hills and a job with the Chillicothe Correctional Institute as physician assistant. He was soon promoted to hospital administrator and spent 12 years here before retirement.

In the Cold War years, Louis’ naval life took him and his family to Morocco, where the medical duties included working with the Moroccan Ministry of Health. He conducted epidemiological studies, enteric disease monitoring, and the training of Peace Corps volunteers as laboratory technicians. Louis later retired from the Navy, returned to college and settled into a faculty position doing medical research in the Division of Immunology at the University of Cincinnati. After 30 years at the university, he retired as a professor emeritus and has written seven books about his family and travels.

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