This battle damaged flag in hand
weather worn and torn
once flew high up in the sky
overland in Vietnam.

Mortar shells and shotgun shells
all around us died
but politicians never would
they lied and lied and lied.

Couldn't see them on the ground
couldn't see them from the air
20 tons of mud we dumped around
living safely underground.

Foxy little fellows
always out of sight
came looking for us late at night
night after night.

One by one on a rainy night
they came from all around
one by one they cut us down
we couldn't hold our ground.

Firefight that rainy night
hell was all around
by morning light we held a sight
no one standing on the ground

To all of those who came to fight
to all of those who died that night
never lost within our souls
what you gave to all that rainy night.

Politicians swaggered on
swaggered every day
never learned a lesson earned
swaggered lives away.

Enough they cried we've had enough
we'll be on our way
but this flag I hold here in my hand
is here to stay.