Soldiers struggle with coming home!

Soldiers struggle with coming home!

By Jay Conti, Sr.
4th District Vice Commander

In an article titled “Soldiers struggle with coming home,” Spc. Codey Johnson explained that civilians don’t understand his experience in war or the challenges he now faces after returning home.

The Florida American Legion understands, and reaches out to Spc. Johnson and other veterans like him. We are an organization of war-time veterans who have been there. We’ve experienced combat, recovered from wounds (visible and unseen), and faced the difficulties of reintegrating into society, relationships and work. We understand that homecoming is not an event, but a process of dealing with issues beyond what most civilians can comprehend.

More than 140,000 members of The Florida American Legion are here to listen and help. With more than 375 posts, we have a presence in virtually every community across the state. We welcome all returning veterans to learn about the services we offer. We would love to have them in our ranks, but we will assist them regardless of whether they join.

Our service officer can help with benefits, and our legislative efforts are focused on making sure veterans get a fair deal. For more information on your local American Legion Post contact Post #155 Vice Commander Jay Conti Sr. at 352-344-4122 or 352-795-6526 or Post Service Officer Steve Mikulas at 352-503-5325.

Attend a post meeting, contact our service officer or check our web sites at; and so we can help with the homecoming process. We Care; because you were there! We understand.