The American Legion Magazine

Our nation's leaders speak directly to citizens on the pages of The American Legion Magazine. The Legion's corporate goals are promoted using the words of talented writers, professional journalists, and world leaders. The magazine also stays current with design trends to maintain its attractiveness and allure to advertisers. Through its editorial content and strong art direction, the magazine staff produces a publication worthy of its name.


Digital Dispatch

The Digital Dispatch is e-mailed to subscribers monthly and at other times when news warrants. The publication is aimed at department and post leadership. Each edition includes news and information from the national commander, national adjutant and department service officers. Stories focus on important topics to veterans and military members such as health care, jobs, Capitol Hill action and more. The newsletter also includes links to membership incentive programs and community forums on making posts successful.


The American Legion Online Update

The American Legion Online Update, launched in February 2008, is e-mailed to about 400,000 subscribers each Thursday. The weekly publication includes news stories, slide shows, video features, and advance notices that relate to veterans affairs, Legion programs and activities, and members of the Armed Forces. Topics are diverse and include Boy Scouts in Iraq, veterans’ education benefits, a wounded soldier’s homecoming, Congressional legislation, and interviews with people ranging from Miss America to presidential candidates. Editorial content is often unique, based on exclusive interviews conducted by the editor and other staff in the Legion’s Magazine Division. The Update’s front page also features links to reunions, emblem sales, and advertisers who provide discounts and special offers to Legionnaires. Readers may also link to current issues of other Legion publications, as well as the Legion’s home page on the Web.