‘Be the One’ resources, QR code available

‘Be the One’ resources, QR code available

New resources are available for American Legion Family members to use in support of the “Be the One” initiative to reduce the rate of veteran suicide.

The web page (betheone.org) has been updated with a variety of resources. Among them:

A set of brochures available for download. One brochure is a PDF that can be used to educate agencies with mental health services, community partners, local government leaders and others about Be the One. The other brochure is a Word document that can be downloaded and customized for posts to use at suicide awareness events. The entire back page of the trifold is intentionally left blank (other than directions, which can be deleted) so that posts can fill it with local resources.

Branding materials: A variety of approved American Legion Be the One promotional materials that posts can use to promote the initiative.

Content, including the special two-part magazine series on Be the One. The series includes stories and snippets about how American Legion members and posts are actively participating in events geared toward reducing the stigma associated with mental health counseling.

Video links: Vimeo playlist includes videos that can be downloaded and played while offline. They can be shared on social media, posted to the web and played at post events.

Additionally, headquarters staff has created a QR Code for the Be the One page. This can be used to direct others to find information and resources related to the campaign.

How to scan a QR code:

1.     Open the Camera app on your phone.

2.     Make sure you are using the rear facing camera.

3.     Hold your device so the QR code appears in the viewfinder in the Camera app.

4.     Once steady, your device will recognize the QR code and show a notification.

5.     Tap the notification to open the link.