Site Visit Review Team

The System Worth Saving Site visits entail visiting VA Health Care Facilities and VA Regional Offices. The team is comprised of Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation (VA&R) Commission members and VA&R National Headquarters staff. There are over 150 Commission members who represent every State, as well as the District of Columbia, France, Philipines, and Puerto Rico. The Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Commission is managed by the Commission Chairman, and five Committees.


Ralph P. Bozella
Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Commission

Kelly L. Ackerman-MT
Vice Chairman
Veteran Affairs and Rehabilitation Commission

Philip Youngblood – GA
Chairman, Health Administration Committee

James W. Stanko
Vice-Chairman, Health Administration Committee

William J. Smith-PA
Chairman Benefits Committee

Patrick R. Rourk -NY
Vice-Chairman, Benefits Committee

Richard W. Neville-NC
Chairman, National Cemetery Committee

James L. Flattes-MA
Vice-Chairman, Cemetery Committee

William M. Detweiler - LA
Chairman, TBI/PTSD Committee

William W. Kile
Chairman, Commission Liaison Committee



Verna L. Jones
Executive Director
Washington, D.C. Office

Louis J. Celli
Director, VA&R Division

Roscoe G. Butler
Deputy Director, Health Care

Zachary A. Hearn
Deputy Director, for Benefits

James Vale
Assistant Director for Claims

Warren Goldstein
Assistant Director, Health Policy

Edwin Thomas
Assistant Director, Health Policy

Derrick L. Redd
Assistant Director, Health Policy