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"At the Spokane WA i have OK experiences however there are a lot of employees who are arrogant and not very helpful its like you are there for their convenience. I think things would be a lot better if they had more qualified staff. Also staff that does screw up that they be fired and lose their pension. So many times the people who do commit crimes or screw ups are either promoted. I have tried to go to the Seattle VA and they refused to see me because they say I am deceased, then I go back to Spokane they tell me that they should have seen me, then it is to late. I have noticed that a lot of employees always have excuses. A good example is they give you 15 minutes to check in and if you miss the check in by 1 minutes they will not see you, yet you can sit in the waiting room for hours. I sat in the waiting room for 3 hours and then was told that the doctor had left an hour ago. There are times I get the feeling that the person I am talking to doesn't know what they are doing. About 25 years ago when my dad was in the Portland VA hospital he was left unattended and if we had not shown up i am not sure what would have happened and the guy in his room had been dead for at least a day."- Jack, WA
"The story of "dying in line" is very sad indeed for fellow veterans waiting to get care. I am a spouse of a 100% disabled veteran. The South Central VA System in San Antonio is excellent. I have a concern about another issue that the Veterans Administration is falsely representing. The issue of processing claims shows improvement in processing claims. What it does not show is how many claims were denied or rated at a very low percentage and veterans are asked to resubmit with more proof for a higher percentage."- Alicia, TX
"I waited for 8 years for the VA in Albuquerque and St Paul to finally agree that I had Neuropathy in my arms and legs. There is no excuse for them to have taken 8 years. Each time I file a claim it is the same thing, years of appeals and then they agree to it, why do they do this, I guess they hope I will lose interest or die waiting. Also each time a claim is filed they do nothing for at least a year before seeing me. They then on most occasions bring me in for an exam to concur with what the VA is already treating me for. Another stall tactic they use. Why can't the VA just treat the veteran fairly. It is time for them to treat the Veteran right and in a timely and fair manner. This tactic of stalling, waiting and years of paperwork for every claim must stop. HELP US PLEASE"- Scott, MN
"Don't know, I'm still waiting for the VA to process my claim. The last letter I received was dated October 29, 2013. The one before that was date August 29, 2013. That was the first I had heard in many, many months. I think I first filled out the paper work in 05 or 06 and am still waiting. Is this normal??????"- Charles, NC
"I get my treatment at Brick, NJ at a VA facility. I go there about three times a month. My appointment is always on time and a few times they took me before my time. The office is well run even when I go to East Orange for advanced treatment . My appointments are on time and they also do my travel voucher. We are treated very good at both facilities. The doctors are very helpful and treat us well.We have an outstanding director in Ken Mizrack who is on top of everything. He goes out of his way to assist us."- John, NJ
"I have been waiting since January for a routine appointment (renew prescriptions/annual exam). According to the VA, I "do not have a doctor". Each time I call it is the same...they have no idea when I will have a new doctor. I am 80% service - connected disabled. Luckily I am in relatively good health, but I find it very disconcerting to be told, repeatedly, "You don't have a doctor"."- Pamela, AZ
"I have been waiting for 2years+ to be assigned a primary doctor. Since January 2014 I have needed to be seen by a medical professional at least twice for severe breathing ailments associated with emphyzema, then shingles, then viral pneumonia. I was turned away from the Pueblo, VAMC and told to visit a local Emergency care facility. Now the VA is denying to pay for at least one ER care treatment. I am rated at 100% and have been receiving VA health care since 1990, suddenly there are not enough doctors to take care of me. No matter what ailment I may come down with I cannot get seen at the Pueblo VAMC until I have an initial doctors appointment now rescheduled for May22. I can get mental health treatment and dental care, but no medical doctor visit until sometime in the future. I am unable to drive some three hours to the Denver hospital, even if feeling well, much less when I am sick. And now I must fight with the VA to get them to pay for emergency room care that they are unable to provide. This is not the way the system is supposed to work. Your help would be appreciated."- Richard, CO
"I quit using the VA for my health care in early 2007 as they cancelled 3 appointments in a row with the cardiologist. It took almost a year to get a colonoscopy ordered by my primary VA MD. My civilian cardiologist did an angiogram and installed stints in my heart within 2 weeks of my making an appointment in July of 2007. Sure it cost me money to go to private health care providers but they at least look after my medical needs in a reasonable amount of time. Prior to Obama care I had checkups every 6 months at the VA outpatient clinic. Now it is every 12 to 14 months. I now only use VA health care for my meds."- Thomas, AZ
"The VA Hospital in Houston, Texas keeps "secret research files" on every patient, not just one VA hospital or regional office delays care and benefits, its ALL of them. Their motto: "DELAY AND DENY TILL THE DAY THEY DIE..""- Sandra, TX
"The Ft.Worth site was the most efficient and effective medical treatment facility I have ever utilized."- William, AZ
"Viet Nam Vet needs lumbar spine operation since November 20, 2011. Have chronic back pain."- Robert, IL
"I have been waiting over 1.5 years for VA to reschedule me to see audio specialist. I gave up."- Joseph, FL
"I waited 6 months for a VA physical appointment and a week before the appointment I was called and told it was cancelled."- Sammie, AZ
"Went to clinic with severe chest pain. Doc said I pulled chest muscle. Had massive coronary."- Stephen, PA
"My facility is over crowed and it takes forever to get a specialty appt. I've waited 2 years and still not treated for things."- Richie, NC
"I am on a list for corrective eye surgery and have been trying to get help over eighteen months. Much longer than I was told."- Ralph, CA
"Tried to make appt to see primary care but was not able to get thru many times and when I did I never got a call back."- Robert, GA
"Lost records, lost records, pain, lost records, pain, lost records!"- Tom, FL
"I've been waiting since Dec 2013 for an appointment to discuss/progress my claim. They tell me they haven't located my files."- Ron, AZ
"Overall VA does certain things quite well, even better than private sector. VA does other things not so well (but because they are mandated by congress to do them ... they do) VA does psychiatry, detox, substance abuse treatment, nursing home & geriatric care much better than private sector. If your problem is a medical/surgical issue then I would suggest going to a university medical center"- L. W. Michael
"This is happening all over!!! I'm currently going into my 3rd month waiting to see my Primary Care Physician. That's here in Atlanta!!! And if you could see how vets are treated here you'd probably want to die!!"- Tommie Walker
"After moving to Phoenix, AZ. from CT. I had to wait 4 months to see a primary care Dr. after registering. Had to get the clinic in Ct. to give me my medication prescription because they ran out. I think the delay was a little much, & stressful."– W. Sheltra
"Florida, I feel badly for all vets coming into the system. If they have an urgent issue, they will die before being taken care of. It is a shame. The employees know the system is broken and in this particular case it starts at the top, the Director who has yet to respond to my inquiries about my personal issues."– Ron Kuban
"I went to my VA Hospital in Perry Point Maryland in early January 2014 and the earliest appointment I could get was for April 29th 2014. I ask for one sooner and was told there is a 3 month waiting period for appointments. Normally I wouldn't mind but I have developed cancerous skin lesions that have gotten much worse while I am waiting as well as some other fairly immediate issues I feel I need taken care."– W. A. Holt
"This administration does not care about the welfare of veterans. It's now seems to be ok to discard out fighting men and women when there is no need for them."– kbell48941
"I believe accountability starts at the Director level at each facility. They should be managing by walking around their facilities and seeing first hand what's going on in the front lines."– Pearlbug
"They just dismiss him like he was an animal, I believe had they done further testing they would have discovered the cancer"– A veteran's spouse, via Twitter
"The VA has a ‘Delay, deny, wait till I die!" attitudes towards Veterans. Until Veterans stand up in unison and declare war on Congress and our earned benefits, we don't stand a chance."– Ermert Nihoa, via Facebook
"Unfortunately, the VA has grown to an unmanageable size! Their budget does not allow for an 'oversight' department to play 'watchdog,' but it should!"– Brooks W. Outland, via Facebook