TALMA contest open for submissions

TALMA contest open for submissions

The annual American Legion Media Alliance (TALMA) contest is now open for submissions in seven categories: websites, publications, visual media, social media campaigns, editorial/news writing, editorial/informational writing and public relations/community outreach.

Deadline for submissions is April 15. The time period for eligible entries to be published for the contest is Jan. 1, 2022 through Dec. 31, 2022. 

Please visit legion.org/talma/contest to review the contest rules and submit your entries electronically.

The contest is free to all members of TALMA.

Membership in TALMA is open to anyone who is a current member of the American Legion Family. It is intended for those producing media at the post, district and/or department level, including but not limited to public relations, website, social media, newsletters, etc. Membership benefits include the annual awards contest, training by subject matter experts, resources for promoting Legion programs, and more. Membership fee is $15 annually.

Join TALMA now at legion.org/talma

The TALMA contest also presents two special awards: Innovation Award and Chairman’s Award. 

Innovation Award: This rewards innovation in media. Nominees may submit for this but don't have to for consideration. Judges will consider the award winners and other nominees to select a winner that demonstrated true innovation.

Chairman's Award: A “Best in Show” award. Nominees don't submit specifically for this. The commission considers the award winners and selects one that goes above and beyond the others.

Winners of those categories get a plaque, $50 Emblem Sales credit and a seat on the TALMA task force for the coming year.

The TALMA task force will select the winners and submit their selections to the National Media & Communications Commission for final approval during Spring Meetings.