It’s never too early for veterans to plan financial security

Regardless of a veteran’s age, planning for financial security after age 65 is important. Similar to navigating VA health-care benefits, the process for receiving the earned Medicare benefits can be confusing and overwhelming.

Advocate Health Advisors specializes in assisting veterans navigate the complicated Medicare system, combining their VA benefits with other health-care benefits for the maximum value. It is a veteran-owned business with more than 200 years of combined experience in the health and life Insurance Industry. Advocate Health Advisors agents are Medicare experts and specialize in assisting people who are turning 65.

Cullen Wright, the company’s national director, and Christina Lonigro, a regional manager and veterans specialist, join The American Legion Tango Alpha Lima podcast in this week’s episode to discuss how Advocate Health Advisors improves the lives of veterans.

Wright, a member of American Legion Post 290 in Bridgeville, Pa., joined the Army in 1985 as an enlisted soldier and retired after 34 years in 2019 as a colonel. Lonigro, a member of The American Legion Auxiliary for nearly 30 years, is the daughter of American Legion Past National Commander Ron Conley.

“Together, Cullen and I have worked to let veterans know they have two earned benefits,” she said. “They have a benefit they have earned through their military service and they also have a Medicare benefit they earned by working. We’re here to show them that they complement one another. We’re here to support you.”

They address other topics, such as the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, dental health benefits and more.

Also on the podcast, co-hosts Jeff Daly and Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado discuss The American Legion's Rally Around the Flag initiative and why the U.S. flag matters. To celebrate and promote Rally Around the Flag, The American Legion has created 50 social media graphics for American Legion members to use.

And stay tuned after the interview for a don’t-miss Rapid Fire segment on stories of interest to the military and veterans community.

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